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I bet you've heard horror stories about online dating. Just about everyone has one.

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Online dating hasn't worked for you?!

I hear that all the time.

But honestly, the real reason Internet dating doesn't work for people is that they screw up one or more of the 5 critical Stages of Dating Online.

You can't just know about 1 or 2 of the stages to create love online- you've got to be good at all 5 stages, otherwise love can slip through your fingers when you were oh-so-close.

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Savvy Singles Take Advantage of Online Attraction!

Once and for all, I want to reveal the truth about online dating.

Internet dating isn't for whackos, crazies, or just plain desperate people.

Online dating is for smart singles,
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Because there are so many awesome, attractive, emotionally available men and women who are ready for love, that you are not apt to meet any other way, except online.


Attraction Fact:
If you are single and serious about finding love,
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That's because the number of happy couples & marriages who currently started online has been steadily growing and has reached staggering proportions!

You don't want to miss your ideal partner, by sitting out on the fun!

To NOT take advantage of this PIVOTOL way to connect in the information age,
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might never meet them

Take it from me, I know!

My husband Greg lived 5 miles away from me, but we would never have met if we weren't online!!!

Still think online dating is "fake"?

Naw, the internet helps serendipity take place naturally.

Remember, you've got to be in the game, in order to win!

Avoid the So-Close, but So-Far Away Phenomenon!

There is no better way to stay actively in the game of love, then regularly meeting people online.

But, and here is a very big BUT...

Like it or not, online dating is a game.

Well, more of an art, really.

But if you don't know how to play with
authenticity, grace, and charm,
you might as well not play at all.


Because it will be an expensive, frustrating, and disappointing endeavor that just leads to heartbreak instead of everlasting love.

The good news?

Everyone has the underlying aptitude
to succeed at online dating,
you just have to take the time to
learn the rules of the game,
then play with passion, honesty, and integrity.


Then it's a game you can play to win!

The prize?

Why, only the most important mission of your life:
A beautiful, authentic connection built on true love that can last a lifetime!

I know because I'm living proof.

I couldn't be more blissfully in love, and honestly, I have match.com to thank for my fulfilling love.

My husband Greg and I have been writing our own Happily Ever After Love Story for 5 years now.

Isn't it time you started writing yours?

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